Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slab Happy

Yesterday John Greco and his crew from The Greco Group began the work of installing the basement floor. After installing the sump pit, they filled the area up to the bottom of the footing with gravel, which they brought in by wheel barrow. It was raining pretty hard by the time they finished so they called it a day.

This morning they filled gravel in and around the outside of the foundation covering the weeping tile. They also installed vapour barrier over the gravel inside where the floor was to be poured. The vapour barrier is designed to stop moisture from coming up under the slab and into the basement. At 8am the concrete truck arrived with 5 meters of 30 mpa concretewhich the crew brought to the back of the house in wheel barrows. It was then poured down a chute, which they had constructed. The slab is to be 4 inches thick. An hour later the concrete was in and the initial finishing of the surface was complete. One of the crew was to stay onsite for the balance of the day and continue to finish the surface as the concrete cured. As there was a chance of rain during the day, the crew erected tarps over the entire area which they left up overnight.

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  1. I'm learning sooooo much....good to see everything going so smooth. keep having fun...