Monday, November 9, 2009

What's New is Old Again!

Well we haven’t posted for a while but that does not mean we haven’t been busy with our Georgian reno. We have been doing a lot of inside work, including pulling out all the trim and the old strip hardwood flooring to make way for the new. We are almost done with demolition after filling at least 4 disposal bins. It really doesn’t seem that there is much left of the old house.

The big accomplishment outside the house is the completion of the brick work. You will recall that our bricklayers finished their work over a month ago. Since then we have brought in the people from PermaTint to transform the new brick into the old. PermaTint is brick coloring that we first discovered when we saw it done on a house down the street from us. Each brick is individually tinted to match the look of existing bricks on the old part of the house. It took the crew about two and half days to tint approximately 6,000 bricks. We weren’t 100% satisfied with how the back of the house turned out so we had them come back and do some touchup work. We must say that we are very pleased with the final result. Just about everyone who has seen the work is blown away by how good the reproduction is. PermaTint warranties the work and the tinting for 30 years, so we don’t anticipate any problems down the road with the product. Please enjoy the pictures and tell us what you think.

Next up, interior work: HVAC, plumbing and more framing!

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