Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foyer makeover

Everybody loves before and after shots, so here’s something to chew on. The old house was a bit of a mess with respect to the foyer area. Once inside the front door there was an airlock with another door which probably made sense 70 odd years ago but not anymore. We removed that door and wall (and a small radiator). Once inside the house past the airlock, access to the coat closet was a bit awkward. The closet was cold and drafty as well due to the mail slot location and no heat source.

With the airlock and radiator gone we were able to relocate the opening to the closet. Rommel supplied and installed an airtight mailslot in the small window opening inside the new closet. We retiled the foyer floor inside the front door. Finally our carpenter installed our new closet door but used the original cut glass door hardware to match up with the existing French doors to the living room. We also installed a door light switch and a pot light in the closet so that whenever the closet door is opened the light will come on.

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