Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In living color

Once the drywall was finished, Rob started painting. The entire house will in the end, be painted from top to bottom. First primer on new drywall, then sanding, then first coat. Once all the cabinetry and trim is finished then one last sanding and final coat of paint.
We always use Benjamin Moore paint. The new water bourne 'Aura' paint on the walls and ceilings of the first floor and 'Collections' upstairs. We chose Cloud White in a flat finish for the ceilings and crown mouldings. The walls were all painted 'Feather Down' in an eggshell finish. Lucy just couldn't decide on individual room colors this early in the game, so neutral throughout it is. The baseboards and other trim is in oil based paint, satin finish, in 'Cloud White' as well. Painting trim is particularly onerous as it is all new wood and there is a lot of sanding in between coats of paint, not to mention the filling of every hole and crack with filler and caulking. We will also be painting out the vast majority of the old wood trim, like the mantle, living room crown moulding, dining room wainscoting and stairway. A huge job in itself.

Feather Down Cloud White

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